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Takmes – Bush knife

Nature in your hand.
Made of wood prunings of real Terschellinger alder wood bushes, each TAKMES is truly unique. A wooden handle is custom made for each knife.
The knives are collected from restaurants, residents and visitors and reused. Thus providing them with a second life as the useful TAKMES. Singular and honest.
Ideal for camping, traveling, or simply as a souvenir.

Currently available exclusively at the Oerol Festival on Terschelling, from 14 to 23 June 2013.
Available afterwards at the Oeral webshop.

UP by Droog

Initiated by Droog, UP is an investigative economic model that aims to increase the value of dead stock through re-design. An alternative to recycling and disposal, UP treats leftover goods as raw material for creative re-interpretation in order to bring leftovers back into circulation. Studio Jenske Dijkhuis was asked to brainstorm on a couple of materials and find new applications for these. For this process Alexander Mooi was asked to help and join in, assisting in both the design and execution phase.

Studio Jenske Dijkhuis chose to transform old trespa desktops into a garden fence, referring to the materials use in many building projects.
The typical urban material is now used to create a garden or balcony fence that creates a city skyline at night.
Click here for more information on the fence

In another design a lamp was created from an old airplane window to give the feeling of the ultraviolet light coming through as it would in a plane that floats in the air.
Bringing an extra window inside the living space of your home.
Click here for more information on the lamp