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Exhibition: Horizon Pavilion at the South Bank, London

Thanks to artist Rob Olins and photographer Anders Gramer great pictures where made of the Horizon Pavilion during its exhibition at the South Bank in London. From February 23rd to April 20th 2012 the Horizon Pavilion featured at a wonderful location on top of one of the terraces of the National Theatre.
The National Theatre is located in between the London Eye, the Hayworth Gallery and Tate Modern.



UP by Droog

Initiated by Droog, UP is an investigative economic model that aims to increase the value of dead stock through re-design. An alternative to recycling and disposal, UP treats leftover goods as raw material for creative re-interpretation in order to bring leftovers back into circulation. Studio Jenske Dijkhuis was asked to brainstorm on a couple of materials and find new applications for these. For this process Alexander Mooi was asked to help and join in, assisting in both the design and execution phase.

Studio Jenske Dijkhuis chose to transform old trespa desktops into a garden fence, referring to the materials use in many building projects.
The typical urban material is now used to create a garden or balcony fence that creates a city skyline at night.
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In another design a lamp was created from an old airplane window to give the feeling of the ultraviolet light coming through as it would in a plane that floats in the air.
Bringing an extra window inside the living space of your home.
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Are you in or are you out?

The way people claim and use spaces is intriguing. By creating a border, space is defined and given a name and purpose. Both in the private and the public realm these borders define our spatial experience. Are in you or are you out? crosses boundaries by being a physical transition between one place and another. It’s a Tent trailer for the great outdoors, but with a twist. It addresses a strange paradox:
Why do many go out to the countryside and bring a fenced off miniature version of their home comforts? Why do people need the safety of home when going outdoors? Doors, walls or fences are used to define the border between inside and outside, city versus countryside, public versus private, yours versus mine. They imply a culture and feeling of belonging that often accompanies these (invisible) lines. Are you in or are you out? is an effort to make people more conscious of the space they choose to be in and how they interact with it.


Exhibition: From Public Space to Private Realm

Studio Jenske Dijkhuis is proud to announce you to the opening of the From Public Space to Private Realm Exhibition at the Royal British Society of Sculptors. After winning the 2011 FIRST@108 Public Art Award Jenske Dijkhuis was granted the privilege of a solo exhibition at the RBSS.
The prize winning Design, the Horizon Pavilion, will be unveiled during the grand opening of that exhibition.
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Exhibition: New Home, June 25th – July 20th, 2011

International artists give their views on plastic the “HABITAT” of man: architecture, follies, mobile homes and an art camp.
On location in Hengelo the project Dream of a Closet will be displayed. The exhibition is curated by MIKC Productions Delden, Overijssel.

NEW HOME: visual approaches to human habitat
June 25-July 20, 2011 (open Fri-Sun 12.00 - 17.00)
former MTS, Industieplein 3, 7553 LL Hengelo


A bath made of leather. Something that moves along with your body in the water. Skin to skin.


To(mato)Can Chair

Made from a tomato can as a small rocking chair for a dollhouse this design grew big years later as a full-size chair.



Free and Untamed Beings

Exhibition: Free and Untamed Beings

Six ambitious young designers and artists show during one month various installations and fashionable apparel collections as seen in the new space of the Horse Move: The Service Garage in Amsterdam. The six participants are: Merel Boers, Claire Fons, Py Tswang jin, Jessie Mak, Niki Man and Quoc Thang. Jenske Dijkhuis brings in a special way unity to the whole, with a custom made physical presentation.

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Exhibition: Kunstzomer (Summer of Art) Anna Paulowna, Kunstroute Jong Land

From 21 June to 13 July 2008, the Kunstroute Jong Land (Young Country art trail) will be held. Exhibition Organizer Arjan Brentjes sought both nationally and internationally, ten freshly graduated artists. The work of these young talents gives an impression of the influence of youth culture and alternativescenes on contemporary art.

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